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Audi 4


A mobile driving game to launch a new car.
Brand: Audi A4
Application: Audi A4 Challenge
Platform: iPhone

Audi were the first carmaker to launch an iPhone application. The application was available for free and involved a driving challenge.

The ‘Audi A4 Challenge’ is a typical driving game with a series of progressively challenging courses that utilizes the iPhone’s motion sensor to steer (you simply tilt the phone to turn) a digital version of the all-new A4 and race against the clock to beat your personal best time. Accelerating and braking are done through the touch screen.

According to Audi, 370,000 people downloaded version 1.0. Version 2.0 is much improved. Audi has added new vehicles that can be unlocked, including the A4 3.2 and the mighty R8.

MobiAD Comments:
Audi were the first Car Brand to create a Branded iPhone game and this has set a trend that has been followed by other car makers. This is a very clever use of the iPhone technology to give the consumer something he likes while subtly immersing him in the Audi brand.






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