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Virgin Festival


Festival organiser on your phone.
Brand: Virgin
Application: VFestival
Platform: Java and iPhone

The Virgin Festival Buddy was designed specifically for music lovers who were attending the Virgin Music Festival. It aimed to serve as an interactive mobile guide while enhancing the consumer experience at the concert and highlighting Virgin’s position at the forefront of the digital space.

The application was downloaded via WAP push and was compatible with 250 handsets in the Australian market. It has since been expanded to include an iPhone version
The downloaded app was a branded icon on the user’s phone, and allowed users to:
• Be kept aware of what was on at the V-Festival
• Plan their itinerary from the 4 stages
• Receive alerts when selected bands were due on stage
• Buy branded content from the artist performing

The results were very good, with the target for festival buddy set at being downloaded by 500 people and it surpassed that in 2008 by reaching a total of 5830 downloads (+767.65% on 2007). The key to this increase in downloads (up from 307 in 2007) was that it was promoted in conjunction with the purchase of the ticket, was available in advance (only on the day of the event via Bluetooth in 2007) and was free.

MobiAD Comments:
This application is a clever use of the mobile device at an event allowing much greater communication with the Festival goer and thus increasing his enjoyment of the festival.






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