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The Unborn


Spooky app to launch new film
Brand: United Pictures
Application: The Unborn
Platform: iPhone
Hyperhappen; Golden Gekko

Campaign Objective:
Film companies have traditionally used billboards and posters to promote films. The design methodology that goes into creating a billboard poster is built on how the consumer will read the imagery to ‘buy in’ to the film bring promoted this iPhone app aimed to builds on this experience to give users a new, yet familiar way to relate to the film.

The application is based around the main image which acts as the primary interface into the various parts of the application. Most of the features are in fact hidden and challenge the consumer to discover them in the image.
The app uses some of the iPhone features to make it more interesting and engaging, for example:
• Tilting the iPhone slides the girl a little to the left or right which reveals more of the mirror.
• If you wipe the misty part of the mirror on the right an image of a boy’s face appears which if clicked on launches the film trailer.
• Double clicking on the image enlarges it and lets you see more clearly the important details like a spider crawling up the wall which leads you to a section with “Production Notes” about the film or additional film footage that is not in the trailer.

MobiAD Comments:
Although this is a relatively simple application, it is a great opportunity to put an entertaining experience into the hands of the audience. And because is it a downloaded application, it does not require network access to run, and can therefore be enjoyed and shared with friends where ever the consumer might be. Universal says that they intend to continue this kind of marketing, and we can expect to see more movie launch apps in the future.





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