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Pizza Hut


Customers can order a personalized pizza on the iPhone.
Brand: Pizza Hut
Application: iHut
Platform: iPhone

Campaign Objective:
Bernard Acoca, senior director for digital marketing at Pizza Hut said, “Customers associate Pizza Hut with innovation and the new iPhone App is an industry first that helps to further our digital leadership. For millions of our customers, mobile devices are an integral part of their lives and we want to make sure that Pizza Hut has a presence in the spaces that our important to our customers.”

Pizza Hut, one of the world’s largest chain of pizza restaurants, has come out with a special iPhone app that lets you design your own pizza, order it from a nearby store, and then play a game while you wait.

The app itself makes use of many of iPhones great capabilities. For example, to add special sauce to your order of chicken wings, you just shake the iPhone to cover the wings in sauce. And you use the touchscreen to stretch the pizza to say what size you want.

There is also a small video racing game that can help you pass the time until your pizza is delivered.

MobiAD Comments:
It makes buying pizza easier, and more enjoyable,



Take a look at this short video that shows the Pizza Hut application in action.

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