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Google Adds Location To Mobile Search

google_map_lbs.gifContinuing their focus on becoming a leading mobile advertising company, Google has announced a new mobile search feature that let’s consumers use their current location as part of the search query.

For consumers with iPhones and Android phones, Google can now add a location based filter to all mobile search results, helping consumers find more relevant search results.

According to John Eric Hoffman and Jussi Myllymaki from Google Mobile Engineering, the new location based feature is designed to provide benefits in two special ways.


  • First, to help you get information about a specific place or business that you are standing near. For for example, to get customer reviews or menu recommendations when you are standing outside a restaurant.
  • Secondly, to make searching for popular categories of nearby places really simple. For example, if you want to know the closest coffee shop.

The “Near me now” link appears on the Google mobile search screen if the user has given permission for the phone to provide location information to the Google search service. Clicking on this link brings up detailed information about close by businesses, as well as giving the opportunity to search for businesses by category.


Clearly Google is working to make good opportunities for businesses to advertise. These marketing messages should be popular with consumers as will reach consumers at a moment when they are not only interested (the big power of search ads), but also when they are physically close by and therefore able to get to the shop easily.

Here is a little video from Google showing how they think this service will work.

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