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AdMob Ad Request Surge Since Google Takeover

google-admob.gifA recent post on Google’s blog has revealed that AdMob, its mobile ad network, has experienced huge growth since Google bought it out for $750 million.

AdMob now receives 2 billion ad request a day which represents a quadrupling in the last twelve months since the takeover.

The strongest growth region was Asia (+564%), perhaps due to AdMob being a little weak in that region in the past, followed by Western Europe (+471%) and Oceania (+363%).


This international growth has seen 9 countries generate more than a billion monthly ad requests compared to just one a year ago.

As part of the announcement, Google also said that it was receiving ad request from more than 100 Million unique Android and iOS devices.

The post also says that they now receive more ad requests a day than they did in the whole of December 2007 representing an increase of 30 times in just over three years.

Google has also said that it expects to generate more than 1 Billion US dollars globally from its mobile business representing 4% of its total revenue.

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