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South By Southwest (SXSW)

Application Deadline November 9

SXSW, the leading festival for Music, Film, Internet, and Interactive Innovation based in Austin Texas, is looking for the latest and the most innovative startups.

Get a chance to present your project on a global stage and have a chance to catch the attention of investors, angels,and international partners.

The Details

Application Deadline:

Friday, November 9


Applicants must be within one of the six categories:

  1. Entertainment and Gaming Technologies – This category pertains to applications and technologies for film, music, television, and gaming, as well as new and hybrid forms of entertainment that are reinventing the ways in which we relax, unwind, and have fun
  2. Mobile Technologies – This category pertains to applications and those technologies related to that which allows users to connect by portable devices such as tablets, phones and other connected devices.
  3. Innovative Web Technologies – This category pertains to applications and technologies that have the ambition to change the Web as we know it. Right now we’re seeing lots of innovation in real-time search, augmented reality, the “Web Wide World”, artificial intelligence and the Semantic Web, recommendations technologies, personalization technologies, and “big data”. But that’s just the beginning
  4. Social Technologies – This category pertains to applications and technologies that help people connect. With this category we’re looking for new and interesting uses, cases, as well as technologies that push the boundaries of how we find, follow and share information with others
  5. Health Technologies – This category is about patient-centric health applications and technologies that connect patients, families, physicians, pharmacists, care providers (hospital, clinics) and benefit providers-aka the care team-to share timely, relevant health data and drive better outcomes at affordable and sustainable cost levels.
  6. News Technologies – This category pertains to applications and technologies to support the dissemination of news and information for communities, both on the content side or on the underlying business model side (for example advertising). This could include technologies related to data, text, documents, mapping, engagement, among other areas.

Launch date eligibility requirements:

  1. A company’s product / service must have launched no earlier than March, 15, 2012.
  2. A company’s product / service must not be launched after June 15, 2013.
  3. Companies will be allowed to submit only one product / service to the SXSW Accelerator event. Companies who submit more than one product / service will not be eligible to participate in the SXSW Accelerator event.
  4. Founders of the applying startup must retain some portion of ownership in the company to be eligible to participate.
  5. Must not have raised over five million in funds from combined funding sources.

Is there an application fee? Can it be waived?

  1. Yes, a non-refundable $200 entry fee will be required from all applicants who would like to be considered for participation in the event.
  2. Waived Fee: If a company is interested in having the fee waived please have them contact me at They don’t heavily advertise this, but SXSW wants companies to participate and in no way do we want to be exclusive which is why we are so open to waiving the fee.

Will SXSW announce the Judges and Emcee before the event?

Yes, the Judges and Emcees who are industry experts and/or investors from the financial community will be announced later this year on the SXSW website.

Here is an example of past Judges and Emcees: Tim Draper of DFJ, MC Hammer of Wiredoo/Musician, Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media, Paul Graham of Y Combinator, Guy Kawasaki of Alltop, Craig Newmark of CraigList, Robert Scoble of Rackspace / Scoblizer, Chris Shipley of Guidewire Group, Chris Sacca of Lowercase Capital, Paige Craig, Adam Ostrow of Mashable, Chris Hughes of Jumo / Facebook, Mark Suster of GRP, Albert Wenger of Union Square Venture, Naval Ravikant of AngelList, Don Dodge of Google, Tom Conrad of Pandora, Scott Weiss of Andreessen Horowitz, Michael Robertson of MP3tunes, Richard MacManus of ReadWriteWeb, and Jeff Pulver of 140 Conference to name a few.

Where to get more information

Visit the Accelerator website at:

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