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29 April, 2014
London, UK

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WIRED Health is designed to introduce, explain and predict the coming trends facing the medical and personal healthcare industries.

This ambitious inaugural event will be held on Tuesday April 29, at the new home of the Royal College of General Practitioners, 30 Euston Square, London.

WIRED Health will introduce, explain and predict the changes affecting the critical sectors of medicine and personal health.

Gathering insight from the scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders shaping the future of the industry, WIRED Health is your guide to the shifting medical landscape.
The event will feature excellent networking opportunities, with senior figures from across the health and technology sectors. There will also be technology exhibition spaces where delegates can get hands-on with the hottest wearable tech and digital health monitors.

WIRED Health will cover a variety of topics, including:

• Data-driven health
How sensors and big data will impact diagnosis and treatment

• Personalised medicine and genomics
Transforming healthcare by understanding individuals’ genes

• Synthetic biology and 3D printing
What happens when biology meets engineering

• Bionics and robotics
Human augmentation and improving the body

• Neuromedicine
Treating the brain, spine and nervous system

For more information, visit the conference website.

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To get this discount, use the code WHMNEWS15 when registering.

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