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Release: Avot Media Serves Up In-Store Informational Video at Nearly 100 Major Home Center Store Locations

Avot Media, an innovator in real-time streaming and personalization of video delivery to web-enabled mobile devices, announced it will power Safety Quick Light’s informational and educational product videos, branded as FAST ATTACH, in nearly 100 Home Depot locations in the Central and Southern regions of Florida by June 3, 2008.

Safety Quick Light, LLC, produces an innovative, awarding-winning connection device that eases the process of installation and change of light fixtures and ceiling fans. Consumers will enter an SMS code found on in-store FAST ATTACH product signage and receive a link that initiates the streaming of a short informational video demonstrating the use of the SQL connection system.

“Safety Quick Light’s FAST ATTACH connection system uses technology new to both the lighting industry and consumers,” said Rani Kohen, president and CEO of Safety Quick Light LLC. “We are pleased to take our innovation to the sales and customer education realm with the support of Avot Media’s mobile video capabilities. The video will speak for itself and demonstrate how simple and convenient it is, for homeowners to building contractors, to safely and quickly install and remove lighting fixtures and ceiling fans.”

With the SQL system, hardwired lighting fixtures and ceiling fans no longer require complicated wiring and installations. New lighting fixtures or fans with the SQL connection device pre- installed allows homeowners to simply plug in the fixture or fan as easily as plugging in a table lamp system.

“Avot Media’s technology uses multiple discovery methods such as SMS, IVR or image capture to enable advertisers to communicate their offerings to consumers in real-time using videos targeted toward mobile device platforms,” said DeWayne Nelon, chief executive officer at Avot Media. “By reaching consumers directly at their point of decision, advertisers have the ability to vitalize traditional advertising mediums and ultimately have a new means of influence on consumer’s purchase decisions.”

Avot Media’s technology leverages and combines SMS and video streaming technologies to produce an enriched and more exciting experience to the user. Avot Media has found that mobile users view mobile advertising more favorably than television or desktop PC advertisements. Of all the content available on mobile devices, video is the most likely to capture a user’s attention, and in the case with SQL, consumers will be guided by the use of mobile video to help make their purchase decisions, offering mobile advertisers a more direct connect with their audiences. The nature of mobile devices also make them an extremely attractive target for advertisers. Unlike television sets, mobile devices provide a medium for users to interact and respond.

About Safety Quick Light LLC

Safety Quick Light LLC was founded by Rani Kohen in the late 1990s. He is the inventor of the Safety Quick Light (SQL) patented connection device and the company’s President and CEO. The company holds a number of worldwide patents on the unit which is revolutionizing the installation of hardwired lighting fixtures and ceiling fans and has recently received a variety of final electrical code approvals, including UL and CSA (US and Canadian markets), and CE (European market). Safety Quick Light is available through major home center stores and lighting showrooms. The company has offices outside Atlanta, in Miami, and China (manufacturing facility).

About Avot Media, Inc.

Avot Media is an innovator in intelligent search, near real-time streaming and personalization of video delivery to web-enabled mobile devices. Avot mV allows users to play any web video on any web-enabled mobile device in near real-time with a high-quality image. AdVideo is an innovative video based advertising service that engages users by streaming video advertisement to mobile phones. AdVideo enables advertisers to communicate their offerings to consumers by using real-time mobile videos.

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