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Release: CELL SURFING 2008

Buongiorno unveils the results of recently completed in-depth ethnographic research into mobile internet behaviour

The main results of a qualitative study commissioned by Buongiorno are:

Embracers versus Pragmatists: in the mobile internet scenario, two key attitudes towards mobile phones and browsing were revealed.
Mobile browsing depends mainly on four reasons: socialising; searching for information or entertainment; continuing actions started on the PC/internet; content downloading (music, video, games)
Virtuous, or Vicious? Confidence with technology determines the relationship with the medium and the use of related services.
The impact of convergence: there is still a long way to go!

MWC Barcelona, February 11-14, 2008 – Buongiorno S.p.A (MTAX STAR: BNG), the world’s leading company in mobile entertainment, will unveil the results of its recently completed in-depth research into understanding mobile internet behaviour, in order to:

• understand the habits of consumers better
• offer consumers a better service.

The study will be presented at the Mobile World Congress, the most highly regarded event in the mobile industry, in Barcelona during 11-14 February 2008.

Lucia Predolin, IR and Marketing Communication Director, Buongiorno, commented: “The mobile entertainment market is continuously evolving to satisfy consumers’ needs. As we are the leading company in this market globally, we are confident and well positioned to fulfil the role of “market maker” company.

“We have commissioned research every year, to identify our customers’ needs in a market where trend switches are one of the main characteristics.

“A brand is a promise to consumers; with this research from Acacia, we are highlighting our efforts to provide high quality services that generate consumer loyalty worldwide.”

In Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK), one in three users connects to the mobile internet. In the US, there are 33.7 million users (1 out of 5 mobile owners) accessing the internet using a mobile device [1] ; there are more than 572 million 3G connections worldwide; in the next five years, mobile Internet connection will be five times broader than that of the PC [2].

Commissioned in November 2007, the London-based market research firm Acacia Avenue provided Buongiorno with research entitled “Cell Surfing 2008” (

The research aims to understand the mobile browsing behaviour of 18-34 year olds in the UK: what role it plays in their lives, key themes shaping their behaviour and what is in store for the future. A ‘deep-dive’ approach was taken, including a series of in-home interviews, going out and about with people, diary keeping and a ‘torture test’ whereby PC browsing was banned for five days in order to assess the true potential of the mobile phone [3].

Embracers versus Pragmatists
In the mobile internet industry, our research demonstrates that age and gender are not determining factors in the use of the mobile phone to connect to the internet.

On the contrary, “Cell Surfing 2008” identifies two clusters towards browsing;
Embracers: see their phones as real beings – pets, friends, collaborators. They love to experiment with browsing and the battery is their only limit when it comes to being online. They browse with friends, alone, on the bus, out shopping. They browse to stay connected, to alleviate boredom, for efficiency, for entertainment or for information.

Pragmatists: see their phones as tools to make their lives easier. For them, browsing is about being informed. They usually spend short bursts of time online – just enough to get the job done. Browsing is a personal activity, not one to be shared with friends. It’s about keeping up, being productive, and staying on top of day-to-day issues and events.

Frequency of use: a relevant aspect
Besides Embracers and Pragmatists, the research shows that it is possible to operate a distinction based on frequency of use: the study identifies Heavy users who connect to the mobile internet more than three times a day and for whom Browsing is a necessity; and Light users who connect to mobile internet less than five times a week, for them browsing is a ‘nice thing to have’, it is useful to be always informed but not indispensable.

Four good reasons for mobile browsing:

“Cell Surfing 2008” research also investigated what people do when browsing. Socialising is the primary activity: users immediately check who is connected on the most recognised social networks – such as MySpace, Facebook, MSN, Tagged.

The other reasons for mobile browsing are: Searching for information and entertainment, together with the need to Continue actions started on the PC/ internet, (e.g. searches, comparisons, email) and finally Download content (music, video, games, etc).

Typically, Embracers connect for entertainment, and to socialise. Pragmatists browse in order to continue actions started on the PC/ internet, and to download content.

Virtuous, or Vicious?
Another relevant finding by “Cell Surfing 2008” is the importance of users’ confidence in technology. Those who are confident – the so-called Virtuous – accept and experiment. On the other side, the Vicious are characterised by a negative approach.

Interviewees confirmed the strong potential of mobile phone-PC convergence and its efficacy – but there still is a long way to go. In order to exploit emerging trends fully, it will be necessary for mobile users to be able to: permanently access info; enjoy a transparent pricing structure; enjoy a clear menu of communication opportunities; enjoy multi-task browsing.

Buongiorno at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2008:

Buongiorno, thanks to its competitive positioning and global approach, is a reference point in the mobile entertainment market. The market is expected to reach US$50 billion by 2010 [4] with about 840 million users who use cell phones as media players [5].

Buongiorno will be present for the duration of the congress, for attendees to visit at our hospitality suite 60 – 56 (Hall 4.7), February 11-14 2008.

The complete research is available at

About Buongiorno Group:
Buongiorno (Milan, Italy: MTAX STAR: BNG) is a multinational leader in digital entertainment. With the acquisition of iTouch, a market player in the distribution of mobile entertainment products and services, Buongiorno became the world’s leading provider of mobile entertainment, information, messaging and marketing services.

The group is market leader in Europe and in the United States, and has recently opened operations in emerging markets – such as Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. Buongiorno operates in Russia and Pacific Asia through its joint venture with Japanese group Mitsui & Co. Buongiorno operates with two business lines: value-added services for wireless and wired consumers (Consumer Services) ― distributed through the brand BLINKO as well as through partnerships with leading telecom companies and the most important media groups and digital marketing services (Marketing Services). Buongiorno is a partner of NCL (National Consumer League), the oldest American association for the consumer’s protection, on developing an educational campaign for mobile entertainment users.

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1 Nielsen, Nov 2007
2 Rutberg&Co. 2007

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