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Release: BuzzCity launches first region-targeted mobile advertising network

Brands in India given exclusive advantage, with global rollout expected early 2009

London – BuzzCity ( ), a provider of global wireless communities and consumer services, today reveals that it has launched a feature that enables brands in India to target their wireless advertising campaigns to customers in different locations. Advertisers can choose to target campaigns to four separate regions, centred around the four major cities, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.

The ability to leverage its mobile community, myGamma, means BuzzCity is the only advertising network to offer region-targeted campaigns. myGamma is present in 80 countries across the globe and has over 3 million users, of which over 1.5million reside in less economically developed and newly industrialised countries.

BuzzCity is able to obtain a user’s IP address and mobile phone number when they sign in to the myGamma community. User demographics are requested as part of the registration process and an algorithm applied to deduce where the user is located. This information is then used across the entire advertising network, including third party publishers on the network.

BuzzCity CEO, KF Lai, commented: “The ability to target consumers has long been a dream for many brands. Targeted advertising provides benefits for both advertisers and consumers, both of whom gain from enhanced relevance of a campaign. We believe this unique offering will appeal to many brands who have sought to gain more traction with their customers and provide relevant information to users in different regions.”

He continued: “Advertisers are now realising that mobile phones are not only widely available all over the world, and across all sectors of society, but what’s more they are very personal devices, making them a powerful channel to deliver highly targeted and relevant information. They have one user and are carried 24/7, in use at home, at work and when on the move, acting as an instant, real-time response channel. At the same time, new technology means responses to mobile marketing can be tracked back to specific campaigns, e.g. it is possible to accurately measure click-through rates and provide detailed analytics of pages browsed. With the ability to now target campaigns to users in specific locations, many more marketing agencies will begin to recommend the mobile channel as this final hurdle is overcome.”

Extensive testing has proven the success of the feature, with initial results showing an accuracy exceeding 90%. The company is continuously improving the IP-region database it has built in India and is looking at roll outs across the globe, including the United Kingdom and United States, early in 2009.

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Tel: +44 20 7608 4650

About BuzzCity

BuzzCity is a developer of global wireless communities and consumer services. Established in 1999 in Singapore, BuzzCity today operates the world’s leading wireless community – – for two distinct audiences: the newly connected emerging middle class in developing markets and the blue collar sector in developed regions. These “unwired” consumers, are accessing the mobile Internet on their phones due to widespread and affordable wireless access. Reviews on licensed online casinos ,bonuses from the online casinos.

BuzzCity provides marketers with unprecedented opportunities to reach this audience via its far-reaching advertising, merchant and publisher programs. Additional information can be found at .

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