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Release: Telefonica Tests Innovative Mobile Marketing Platform Powered by Celltick

Initial results indicate 82% of users engaged with service

London, May 26, 2009 – The Telefonica mobile operators group announced today the launch of an innovative idle screen marketing solution which is operated by Celltick’s LiveScreen Media platform.

LiveScreen Media broadcasts news, sports, business, entertainment and lifestyle teasers as well as advertising messages, directly to the mobile idle-screens, creating a synchronized, interactive network of personal billboards. Revenue from the service is generated from content downloads, subscription services and advertising fees.

Movistar, the Mobile Phone Company from the Telefonica Group, tested the service as part of a six-month trial in Mar del Plata, Argentina, involving around 5,000 customers. Results show impressive consumer uptake with 82% of users engaged with the new communication channel on the idle screen.

The Telefonica innovation team is particularly impressed with the platform’s ability to segment users based on location, handset type and areas of interest which are generated from tracking user response to idle screen messages.

According to Marcelo Mitroga, Content and Mobile Marketing Manager from Movistar Argentina: “The platform provides a great opportunity for advertisers as it allows segmentation based on age, sex, area of residence and content of interest combined with the interactivity feature which is unavailable in traditional media.”

Stephen Dunford, CEO of Celltick said: “We have always believed that effective mobile marketing begins on the idle screen. We are very pleased that Telefonica have recognized the opportunity and chosen Celltick to be the platform of choice.”

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