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The MobiAD Mobile Apps Gallery:
I’d like my mobile app to be included!

You can submit your mobile marketing application to the MobiAD Gallery by completing the following information. Please do not make it too “sales” oriented, just a nice straightforward description would be best. Also, remember that this gallery is for mobile applications whose primary purpose is marketing.

We’ll select the best mobile apps to go into the gallery based on several points:

  • is it a mobile marketing app?
  • is it creative and innovative?
  • is it an engaging, compelling experience?

Name of the brand:

Name of the App:

Platforms it runs on (eg iPhone, Android, etc):

Email address of the person submitting the application:

Name of the Agency/Developer:

Campaign Objective (50 words maximum):

Description of the app (150 words maximum):

Campaign Results (50 words maximum):

Any additional comments:

Please also provide some screen shots according to the following guidelines:
• It is best to provide 3 or 4 interesting screenshots.
• They must be either GIF, JPG, or PNG format.
• Maximum dimension for any image is 300 pixels.

Also, if you have it, please provide a 125×125 image to be used on the main Apps Gallery page.

Compress all the images into a single zip file, maximum size 1 MB. To send the zip file, click on the “Choose File” or “Browse” button below to select the file.

When you are all set, click on the “Send” button below to send this information to MobiAD News.

• by sending this information to MobiAD News, the submitting person gives MobiAD News the right to publish it, and warrants that the submitting person has the right to provide the information for this purpose.
• mobile applications will be selected by MobiAD News for inclusion in the Apps Gallery. MobiAD News reserves the right to make this decision, and submitting an application does not guarantee that it will be included.

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