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Females Download More than Twice as Much Mobile Content than Males, BoomBox Study Shows

Females Continue Dominance on Mobile, Account for 67% of Downloads Across Myxer Platform for the Month of April

Miami, FL (May 7, 2010) – Female mobile users unite! In the quest to find out who is the most prolific mobile content consumer between the two sexes, females win by a landslide, according to Myxer’s latest BoomBox report for the month of April. In honor of Mother’s Day, Myxer – a mobile community of more than 34 million users – has taken a deep dive into how female consumption habits compare to males, providing fresh insights on unique data broken down by new users, smartphone concentration, content downloads and wireless carriers.

According to the study, for the month of April women downloaded twice the amount of mobile entertainment content as men, representative of 4.5 million downloads, or 67% of total content downloads, compared to 2.2 million downloads for men. This large disparity in downloads is due to two factors; there are roughly 1.7 times as many females as males downloading content from Myxer on a monthly basis, and each female that visits downloads 17% more content than the average male.

Android vs. iPhone: Average Download by Gender
Taking a look at the number of downloads by gender on Android and iPhones, females far surpass males again. The average female using an Android device downloaded 7.6 pieces of content for the month of April, while the average male visiting Myxer on an Android device only downloaded 6.0 items during that time, or 21% less than the average female. This is a big contrast to iPhone handsets where females only downloaded 6% more than males, or 3.0 items compared to 2.8 items respectively.

Smartphone Breakdown by Gender
When considering adoption of new smartphones, Myxer finds that females choose BlackBerry more often (49%) than males (43%). Conversely, males use Android devices more frequently than females, with 23% of them choosing the Android platform vs. 18% of females. There are no significant differences in adoption of the other smartphone platforms.

Gender Breakdown by Wireless Carrier
In terms of wireless carriers, females also held the majority on every network for the month of April. T-Mobile was the most popular among female users (62%) while Nextel was the least popular among females (52%) and the most evenly split of all the carriers. MetroPCS, Sprint, Cricket, Alltell, and US Cellular were the second most popular among females with a 61% share, followed by Virgin Mobile (60%), Verizon (59%), AT&T (58%) and Boost Mobile at 54%.

“Looking at the gender breakdown across the more than 34 million users on Myxer’s platform, it’s apparent that female users are the ones driving mobile content downloads,” said Myk Willis, CEO of Myxer. “This information paints a powerful picture of today’s evolving mobile landscape, and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, our latest BoomBox report shows developing trends that marketers and advertisers can use when fine-tuning their mobile business strategies.”

Since 2005 Myxer has cataloged various data points: age, gender, geographic location, phone model, manufacturer, carrier, as well as the operating system of each handset that initiated a download from its delivery platform that now supports more than seven million monthly unique visitors downloading over 90 million content items from Myxer each month.

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About Myxer
Founded in 2005, Myxer powers over one billion mobile entertainment content downloads annually. Sporting one of the world’s largest catalogs of ringtones, wallpapers, videos, applications and games, available across virtually every mobile platform and handset, Myxer is most notable for what it doesn’t provide: hidden costs, subscription fees or strings. For content publishers, Myxer’s ‘MobileStage’ line of marketing products enable radically simplified mobile presence, content delivery, and monetization services. And for advertisers, Myxer’s unique Branded Mobile Content solutions create unrivaled, high-impact campaigns that span the desktop to mobile, and well into the public mindshare.

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