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Mumbai Gets Interactive Mobile Deals Service

best_price.gifmKhoj has launched the first interactive mobile deals platform in India. The service, which is currently only available in Mumbai, allows consumers to find the best possible price for certain products in their local area.

Wherever they may be, consumers can text key search words like their location and the product that they wish to buy to a mKhoj short code and they will receive results from mKhoj indicating the best deals for the product that they requested.

“mKhoj is the shoppers ultimate friend. The shoppers will no longer have to spend too much time in searching for the right deals and will be able to save a lot of time by utilizing our services. They can do it directly from their mobile.” said Mr. Naveen Tewari, CEO, mKhoj, who further commented on their early success “We launched mKhoj at Inorbit last week and have seen remarkable response – we are observing 30%-35% conversion, which is significantly higher than any other medium. This fundamentally reduces the customer acquisition cost for merchants.”

mKhoj has signed up 15,000 small merchants in Mumbai as well as bigger chains like McDonalds and Dominos. The company plans to expand to 20-25 cities by early next year.

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