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Yahoo! Adopts new MMA guidelines

yahoo-y.gifYahoo! has announced that all of its mobile properties will conform with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) new mobile advertising guidelines. By conforming to the MMA guidelines, Yahoo will enable its partners to launch global mobile advertising campaigns at lower production costs. It expects to complete the conversion of all of its mobile web properties by the fourth quarter of 2007.

Michael Bayle, GM, Global Monetization, Connected Life, Yahoo! said: “We worked closely with the MMA to develop guidelines that benefit our global advertisers and consumers alike and will continue to do so as the industry develops best practices for additional mobile marketing practices and formats such as games, video and search”.

The new EMEA guidelines are designed to limit the effort required by advertisers to prepare global mobile campaigns, thus reducing the money and time spent developing multiple iterations for various regions of the world.

Laura Marriott, president of the MMA said: “The EMEA guidelines were developed to establish a common global advertising framework including aspect ratios, banner dimensions, file formats and so on”.

Full press release HERE.

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