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16-20 April 2007
Cannes, France

MIPTV featuring MILIA is the world’s premier audiovisual & digital content market. MIPTV MILIA this year will feature an extensive Mobile Conference programme, where Mobile Advertising will take center stage, in addition to Mobile TV Broadcasting, Emerging Markets, and Mobile Media Business Models.

Cannes is where you will find everyone involved in content creation, production & distribution across all traditional and digital platforms. In just five days, 12,000 professionals from across the globe will generate over €3 billion worth of business.

Reed Midem says over 60 agency representatives and brands will come to MIPTV this year, to join a dialogue with mobile value chain participants and television producers, to discuss future of media, 360 Content and ad-funded content and marketing.

MIPTV MILIA’s Capture Innovation Conference attracted top keynotes this year, such as the CEO of Linden Labs (Second Life), Philip Rosedale; CEO of SK Communications (CYWORLD), DR. Yoo from Korea; and Joseph Jaffe, the Author of Life After the 30 Second Spot, as well as established broadcasters such as BBC’s top guns Jana Bennett and Ashley Highfield, and RTL’s CEO, Gerhard Zeiler.

Click here for more information and to downloand the conference pdf.

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