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OgilvyOne and Acision Team Up for Mobile Marketing

ogilvyone.gifAcision, the messaging and charging company, and OgilvyOne Worldwide, the global interactive marketing firm, have forged an alliance for mobile marketing. Much wider than advertising alone, the alliance will involve the two companies working on strategies to help operators address churn, while opening the opportunity for new revenue models.

While the announcement was quite short of details, the reason behind the partnership seems to be a desire to capitalize on mobile operators’ need to leverage the data that they have in network about subscriber profiles and behavior. Most operators have data including voice communication, txt messages, WAP browsing, content purchases, etc., but collecting, managing, and utilizing this in a way that increases the value of the customer experience will take a lot of effort.

Rory Buckley, CEO, Acision said: “What has been missing until now is a bridge between the marketing and telecoms worlds. Working with OgilvyOne, we are now in a position to offer support for the complete mobile marketing value chain; from an understanding of today’s mobile subscriber, through the technology, right into the brand strategy.”

Read the full joint press release HERE.

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