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Flirtomatic Serves Its Billionth Mobile Ad

flirtomatic-logo.jpgFlirtomatic, the mobile and online flirting service, has announced that it has served its billionth mobile advertisement. This comes less than a year after serving its first. During Q1 2008, ad revenue increased by 31% compared to the previous quarter and ad impressions grew by 27%.

This is yet another sign that mobile social networks are developing into a serious source of mobile ad inventory.

Matt Dicks, Head of Sales and Marketing at Flirtomatic commented, “Traditionally, the majority of advertisers are content or gambling services, who are well established off-portal services who fully understand the mobile acquisition model.”

Advertisers who have consistently placed adverts on Flirtomatic include brands like O2, Orange, Vodafone, Yahoo, Samsung and MSN.

Flirtomatic found that as more advertisers were moving to mobile, one of the biggest hurdles was that they did not have a suitable mobile sites or mobile promotion to link to. Flirtomatic addressed this by offering marketers a mobile destination such as a branded profile page. This could be used to promote products, deliver brand awareness, or drive traffic to venues or stores through mobile coupons.


“What we are seeing now, is the trend changing very slightly and more brands are testing mobile advertising. With the increase in users, the advertising model for mobile is likely to change, moving away from standard banners and text advertising to a more integrated and targeted system as consumers begin to engage more and become familiar with the technology.” adds Dicks.

See the full release here.

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