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Microsoft Rebrands Ad Offering

microsoft-logo.jpgMicrosoft has announced that it has rebranded its advertising business under the new name of Microsoft Advertising. The move is a clear sign that Microsoft is taking the fight to Google and its other rivals in mobile and internet advertising. The new brand will incorporate many of the companies that Microsoft has purchased in recent times.

Explaining the new organization, Microsoft SVP Brian McAndrews said “It’s designed to let customers know that we’re committed to making sense out of a complex environment, and that we have everything they need, all under one roof”

The companies included are:

  • aQuantive, who specialize in digital marketing services and technologies and who own interactive agency AvenueA/Razorfish, digital marketing technology company Atlas Search and DrivePM, a performance media company.
  • The AdECN exchange, which is auction-based exchange for online display advertising.
  • ScreenTonic, who have a ad network and offer a mobile advertising platform.
  • Rapt, who help ad supported businesses monetise their media assets.
  • YaData, who’s Segmentation Suite enables marketing managers to discover, understand, operate in and manage multiple actionable customer segments on a daily basis.

For more information, go to the Microsoft Advertising website.

At the same time, Microsoft announced that it will offer consumers cash back on products bought through its Live Search offering. The new service will allow consumers to clearly see the savings that they would make and link them to the website where they can make the purchase.

Also, in recent weeks Microsoft announced that it was expanding its mobile advertising offering, see MobiAd post.

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