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Teens Give Mobile Ads The Thumbs Up

teens.jpgA recent article published in the Los Angeles Times discusses how a host of new services targeted at teens are having a big success. Whether they be magazines sending fashion tips, horoscopes, dating advise or brand information, it seems that today’s teens accept mobile advertising.

One particularly interesting figure comes from Roman Tsunder, president of Access 360 Media Inc who said that only 4% of people who sign up for the texts ask to stop getting them, while the click-through rate on mobile ads is between 2% and 4%.

Many of the advertisements aimed at the teen market are typically not simply display ads, but instead offer useful information or service, which helps them avoid being viewed as ‘spam’.

Nic Covey, director of insights at research firm Nielsen Mobile said that for teens “responding to an ad that’s relevant by sending a text or following a link on their phone is a logical brand engagement,” Covey said. It’s so natural that the student council at Notre Dame high school in Sherman Oaks decided to invite teens to their graduation via a prerecorded video sent over a mobile phone.

But in spite of teens being ready to accept mobile advertising, there is a warning to potential marketers about the negative effect that push SMS can have. It cites the story of a student who sent an SMS during the NBA’s all star game. He received responses offering the chance to buy some basketball related stuff which he did not mind, but he did not like it when he started receiving ads for things he was not interested in.

“They were kind of stalking me,” he said. “But then they stopped and I was glad.”

Read the full article here.


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