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Nokia Advertising Alliance To Simplify Mobile Advertising

nokia_logo.gifNokia Interactive, the mobile advertising arm of Nokia, has announced a new alliance aimed at making mobile advertising easier for brands. The alliance will integrate advertising solutions from multiple companies into a single Nokia interface.

The intent of the program is to bring together a variety of mobile advertising formats to give brands a better way to increase consumer engagement. Through the alliance, advertisers will be able to plan, execute, and measure campaigns that include a wider variety of customer engagement points.

Several companies have already been certified as Members of the alliance, including i-movo, Mobile Acuity, Mobiqa, and uLocate. These companies provide a range of mobile advertising technologies, including digital coupons, image recognition, mobile barcodes, and location-based targeting.

This effort directly addresses one of the biggest issues in mobile advertising:
• a key strength of mobile is that it is very flexible and can actively engage a consumer in many ways at many times of the day.
• one of the biggest challenges often cited by advertisers and their agencies is the difficulty of running mobile campaigns, and the fragmented nature of the industry.

This objective has been appreciated by people in the industry. Scott Heron, Director of Digital Services at Wunderman said “To realise truly integrated advertising, it’s imperative that major brands can make use of a range of mobile services. The Advertising Alliance brings together the most innovative technologies in the market, and brings trust to brands who want to use them.”

Brian Bos, Senior Vice President, Convergence Director at MindShare-Team Detroit said “Mobile is maturing into an effective advertising medium, however, the fragmentation of certain technologies makes it hard for some programs to scale. We applaud Nokia’s efforts to streamline this evolving market and make it easier to manage our clients’ mobile advertising investment.”

Read the full Nokia Interactive press release here.

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