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Telefónica Launches Global Ad Alliance in Partnership with Amobee

global.gifTelefónica has launched a global mobile advertising alliance in partnership with Amobee Media Systems. The alliance will allow advertisers to show targeted ads of all types to Telefonica’s 170 million subscribers around the world.

The Ad Server platform from Amobee Media Systems will support all mobile channels with a single ad-server including WAP banners, games, video and music players, applications, messaging (SMS & MMS), ring back tones as well as video & music streaming. This can allow for more precise contextual and behavioural targeting of advertisements, as well as allowing Telefónica to provide a single point of contact for agencies and advertisers wishing to buy, deploy and monitor campaigns across all mobile channels.

One of the strengths of mobile advertising is that it can take so many forms, and therefore foster engagement with consumers across a range of touch points. The down side to this versatility is that is has often been quite difficult to manage campaigns of this sort, since the level of integration between the mobile channels is small to none.

Mobile users will also benefit from increasingly relevant targeted ads, while at the same time enjoying cheaper access to premium services when opting-in to receive advertisements.

Deployment begins in the UK, Spain, Mexico and Colombia this year, and will roll out across the remainder of Telefónica’s regional businesses in 2009.

Read the full press release here.

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