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iPhone In-Application Advertising from JumpTap and Pinch Media

apps_w_adds.gifThe advertising world continues to pay attention to the iPhone, which is beginning to represent a significant share of mobile web page views. JumpTap and Pinch Media will combine efforts to allow advertisers to place ads in iPhone applications.

The new offering will utilize JumpTap’s mobile ad network with Pinch Media’s analytics and ad serving technology. Developers of iPhone applications can now easily integrate advertising into their apps, thus bringing in a new revenue stream and keeping consumer prices low (or free!). And on the other hand, this will provide advertisers an excellent opportunity to reach the desirable iPhone user base, and benefit from the rich user experience the iPhone provides.

JumpTap is a mobile focused search company that has a worldwide mobile ad sales team. (see interview with Dan Olschwang, JumpTap CEO).

Pinch Media has a network of iPhone application developers who use Pinch Analytics in their iPhone apps. The analytics module provides a comprehensive view into the number of unique users, length of time the application is being used, geographic location and other valuable data.

Since Apple launched its 3G iPhone July 12th, more than 800 applications have become available. iPhone applications are growing extremely rapidly, with the most popular free applications having over 250,000 unique users in less than two weeks. Individuals are extremely engaged with their applications – on average, spending almost five minutes a session.

Read the full press release.

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