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The Future of Mobile Ad Networks

clickz.gifThere’s an interesting article this week in ClickZ, looking at the development and future of ad networks for mobile. As the mobile ad industry has changed a lot over the past year or two, the ad networks themselves have also been developing.

There was an initial wave of ad network acquisitions (AOL-Third Screen, Nokia-Enpocket, Microsoft-Screentonic), but that has slowed recently. However, ClickZ thinks it likely that the M&A activity will start up again.

Greg Sterling, analyst with Sterling Market Intelligence, is quoted as saying he expects to see some big plays happen. “While Third Screen Media has already been bought, and Enpocket has already been bought…the question isn’t which ones will be bought, but which ones won’t be bought,” he said.

The article also looks at how different agencies and publishers work with the ad networks. Some use mobile ad networks exclusively, and others tend to mix them with more traditional online ad networks And some publishers continue their direct sales as well.

For a good overview of what is happening today with mobile ad networks, read the full article here.

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