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Study Reveals Mobile Advertising Increases Brand Metrics

dynamic_logic.gifDynamic Logic, a leading marketing research company with expertise in measuring advertising and marketing effectiveness, has released new research which indicates that mobile advertising can be “an effective medium for raising brand metrics throughout the purchase funnel.”

Dynamic Logic completed over 30 AdIndex for Mobile studies. These are survey-based research that are conducted in a live, in-market environment, and ran simultaneously with specific mobile advertising campaigns. This approach is used in order to isolate the impact of the mobile ads on key brand metrics. (read more about AdIndex for Mobile).

When comparing people that have been exposed to a mobile ad with those who have not been exposed, the results indicate that mobile advertising can be very effective for brand building purposes. For example, an observed increase in ad awareness of over 29% indicates that these campaigns “generally cut through and grab the users attention”. An increase in Brand Favorability of over 5% shows that mobile ads have the capability to influence people’s attitudes.


The study was quite broad-based, and it included information from brands in many industries. These industries included Alcohol, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, CPG, Entertainment, Financial Services, Retail, Telecom, and Travel.

Read the full release on the Dynamic Logic site.

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