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Qualcomm & Amobee Team Up To Ad-Enable Widgets

qualcomm_amobee.gifAmobee Media Systems and Qualcomm have announced a partnership that will ad-enable mobile widgets on Qualcomm’s Plaza platform. Widget applications have become hugely popular on the internet, and are expected to grow rapidly on the mobile internet as well.

Widgets are usually small programs or tools that can easily be downloaded and installed on a website or on someone’s desktop or their phone. They typically provide either some functionality – like a calculator – or they provide a feed of real-time information, such as news or weather or stock prices.

In May of 2008, Qualcomm launched the Plaza platform. This new system features catalogs of mobile widgets that are available to mobile operators worldwide. With these widgets, operators will be able to deliver quick and personalized Internet services to their end-users across all devices.

With Amobee’s integration into the Plaza platform, operators can create and sell new advertising inventory to brands and agencies that will run on these widgets. Amobee will dynamically insert relevant ads into appropriate widgets and can measure and optimize these campaigns to yield the highest results.

Noam Raffaelli, managing director of Plaza for Qualcomm Internet Services said “the goal of Plaza is to let operators provide their users with the platform to personalize their mobile Internet experience and in return drive additional revenue streams. Mobile advertising is a key ingredient to make this happen.” UNIQUE CASINO

Read the full press release.

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