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RingRing Media Off To A Fast Start

ringring_logo.gifIn the summer of 2008, a media planning and buying agency focusing solely on mobile advertising launched in the UK. In their first months of operation, Ring Ring Media seems to be going strong, having launched an innovative “ad network optimisation platform”, and now announcing ad bookings of over $1 million for their first 4 months in operation.

The ad-network optimization platform is called I’AM, and was launched in October. The idea behind an optimization platform is quick simple, but quite compelling. Basically it sits between a mobile publisher who has ad spaces to fill, and a large group of ad networks which have sold ads.

When an ad request comes in from the publisher site, the I’AM platform can automatically route the request to the most relevant ad network which is achieving the highest revenue for that particular user, handset and demographic.

This should result in 100% fill rates, and higher revenue for the publisher. I know of a couple of individual mobile publishers that have implemented something similar for their own sites, but this is the first time I’ve heard about a generally available service like this in the mobile space.

I’AM has already connected to many of the major ad networks including Admob, Adshandy, and Mkhoj. Mobile publishers such as Moblr, Taptu, Wapedia and Mobikade have signed on to use the service.

Harry Dewhirst, Co-Founder of RingRing Media, commented: “Our vision of mobile advertising 2.0 is dynamically selecting from a pool of ads the most targeted and highest revenue generating ad for a specific user.”

On the business side, things seem to be going well for RingRing. Launched just a few months ago in June of 2008, they recently announced that they have already booked well over $1 million in mobile display and search advertising for their clients.

Matt White, head of mobile at Yahoo said: “RingRing Media fills an important niche in the mobile advertising space. The company is one of the few agencies that completely understands the market and its potential to create a unique and personalised advertising experience for users.”

RingRing runs both low risk, performance based advertising campaigns on a cost per click basis, as well as CPM campaigns on all of the tier one trusted mobile advertising networks.

Ben Tatton-Brown
, Co-founder and Managing Director, RingRing Media, said: “Passing the one million dollar mark in such a short space of time indicates that RingRing Media and our I’AM platform has cemented its place in the mobile ad ecosystem by providing a much needed service to our clients and also helping suppliers sell their inventory.”

Read the RingRing press release on I’AM.

Read the RingRing bookings press release.

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