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Idle Screen Advertising Network Goes Global

celltick.gifCelltick, the company that has been championing “idle screen” advertising for several years, has launched, a web-based ad server which allows local and global advertisers to purchase idle screen advertising in all markets where Celltick’s LiveScreen Media platform is operational.

Idle screen advertising is expected to become a major channel for mobile advertising.

LiveScreen Media broadcasts targeted content, advertising and value-added service information to the idle screen of a consumer’s mobile, thus transforming it into an interactive mobile media channel.

Automatically identifying when a mobile phone is inactive, LiveScreen Media displays personalized product, brand or content media in the form of dynamic teasers – based on user location, behavior and demographics, as well as time of day. Cell broadcast technology is used to simultaneously send teasers to millions of users without overloading the mobile network.

When the user sees something that interests them on the idle screen, it takes just two clicks to carry out a “transaction” – either accessing desired information or responding to a promotion or advertisement.


This new announcement will put a web-based interface onto the LiveScreen system. LiveScreen Media allows advertisers to place idle screen advertising campaigns prompting an immediate response from interested consumers. Advertisers who have already taken advantage of this unique media channel include Coke, America Express, Unilever and Honda.

Read the full Celltick press release.

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