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Very Cool Marketing: Snowing Billboards In Oslo

oslo_skiing.gifTryvann Winter Park is a ski resort which is located just 15 minutes from the center of Norway’s capital city, Oslo. Even though they are very near, oftentimes there will be no snow in Oslo while at the resort the ski conditions are perfect.

So the problem is – how to convince Oslo residents that it’s a good day for skiing?

Advertising agency TBWA came up with a very innovative campaign which uses special snow-storm billboards in Oslo which are triggered by sms messages from the resort.

Tryvann installed special billboards at certain locations around town to show what the conditions were like up in the resort. But rather than simply a sign or indicator, these billboards use a fan and some false snow to create an actual snow storm inside the see-through billboards.


And to make it even more compelling, the billboard blizzard is controlled by sms messages so that it mirrors what is happening on the mountain: when a passerby sees the billboard blizzard, they know it is actually snowing at that moment up on the mountain.

And with the resort only 15 minutes away, this must be hard to resist!

(you may need to play this video twice to see it well)

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