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TeliaSonera To Use Mobile Pod Casts For Advertising

telia_ericsson.gifTeliaSonera and Ericsson have announced a new, personalized mobile advertising system to be launched in Sweden later in 2009.

The system will send “pod casts” out to consumers overnight to be viewed the next day.

Called the Personal Pod Advertising Service, the service will initially be targeted at loyalty companies that wish to bring a richer, more tailored message to their members.

The way the system works is that a consumer will construct a profile on an advertiser’s site. Based on this, the advertiser provides updates on selected products either via text, video or audio. This information is packaged in pod casts and sent to the consumer’s mobile phone overnight.

The benefit of overnight upload is of course that the mobile networks tend to be less congested at that time, and so it provides a good use of network capacity that would otherwise be wasted.

This type of advertising can be very targeted, and is very measurable by the brands. Consumers are also able to forward this material on to their friends (paid for by the advertiser), so there can be a good viral element as well.

Erik Hallberg, Senior Vice President and Head of at TeliaSonera Mobility Services in Sweden, says: “Partnering with Ericsson lets us enter a new market segment offering retail companies a new tool for reaching consumers with specific information and advertising which the consumers themselves have signed on for. This service has also been successfully developed and tested with a media company in Sweden.”

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