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Turkcell Trials New Mobile Ad Service

myscreen1.jpgTurkcell, one of the world’s leading operators in the area of mobile advertising, has announced the successful trial of a new advertising service. TiklaKazan shows rich media ads at the end of each phone call, and provides free airminutes and coupons to subscribers.

Turkcell has become well known for a number of interesting mobile advertising programs.

  • Permission Database: Turkcell now has an opt-in database of over 7 million subscribers that have signed up to receive advertisements in return for special offers.
  • TonlaKazan (Tone & Win): This service that provides free air credits to subscribers that use ringback advertisements. (see MobiAD interview Putting Mobile Marketing at the Center of the Business)

myscreen2.gifTiklaKazan was based on the MyScreen technology platform. MyScreen is a mobile solution that delivers targeted advertisements to handsets at end of each call. The opt-in service is free to subscribers who enter basic demographic and lifestyle information. Subscribers have full control to define which advertisements they find relevant without any interruptions to their normal calling behavior.

This data enables advertisers to target specific audience segments with brand messages that are most relevant to their interests. In return, subscribers accumulate rewards for every advertisement viewed on their phone which can then be redeemed for free airtime, downloadable content or value-added services.

TiklaKazan was a follow-up to Tone&Win. The trial period was for four weeks, and it was only available to a select group of Turkcell customers.

Approximately 100 different advertisements were run during the trial, from major global and Turkish brands such as Renault, Citroen, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Pepsi, Yemeksepeti and Uludag.


Results of the trial were very positive, with 82% of subscribers confirming they would recommend MyScreen to a friend. Subscribers also confirmed that 79% would prefer to see a full-screen ad at the end of call, as opposed to receiving an SMS or MMS.

“We are very pleased with the initial trial experience with MyScreen. Turkcell’s mobile advertising and marketing knowledge/ecosystem and Myscreen’s entrepreneurship/technology have shown us the pros and cons for delivering the best application based mobile advertising service for our subscribers,” stated Melis Turkmen, head of Mobile Marketing & Advertising Division.



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