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Find nearby properties to buy or rent.
Brand: Rightmove
Application: Rightmove
Platform: iPhone

Campaign Objective:
Rightmove currently receive 80,000 iPhone visitors to the website monthly, which accounts for 95% of their mobile traffic, so offering an app was a natural progression.

The free to download app enables iPhone users to take advantage of the real-time GPS function on the iPhone to find nearby properties available to buy or rent. The app provides a variety of information, including address details, price, agent details and property pictures. It also has the ability to forward the details of interesting properties to friends and family at the touch of a button, as well as immediate access to the estate agent through a “Call Me” button.

The app reached number one in the iTunes App store within the first week of release. It has had over 247,000 downloads to date and has remained within the top 5 ‘free lifestyle apps’ section of the App Store, since its launch in August. Some 10,000 GPS look up requests are performed per day. On average over 50,000 searches are performed per day through the app and it has delivered 45,000 email leads to agents since its launch.







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