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Greystripe Makes CPA Offer To Developers: 99¢ Per Download

greystripe_ifarm.gifCPA – Cost Per Action – is a relatively new type of ad pricing that is starting to make some headway in the mobile world. In CPA, there is no risk for the advertiser, as they only pay when a consumer completes an agreed transaction.

Recently Greystripe ran a special CPA ad program for mobile app developers, where they charged $0.99 per download, regardless of how many impressions or clicks it took to get the download.

For some developers, paying to advertise a new mobile app can sometimes be a risky business. They may pay for tens of thousands of impressions or thousands of clicks without actually getting any downloads.

greystripe_cpa_brands.gifGreystripe offered a different alternative – they would run the ads, and the developer would just pay a fixed fee of $0.99 each time their app was downloaded. Greystripe offered this deal to the first 200 developers to sign up, and brands included Kraft, the world’s second largest food company; Chorus, an iPhone app developed by envIO; and PlayMesh, the leader in social gaming on the iPhone.

All campaigns in this special reached their download targets as Greystripe generated more than 60,000 downloads at 99 cents per download. PlayMesh’s iFarm game received a 56% conversion rate on clicks, and during this time, it rose in the iPhone’s free app ranking to the number one spot.

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