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Social Networking Represents 60% of US Mobile Usage

pascal_network.gifAccording to a recent report from Ground Truth, 60% of traffic on the mobile internet in the US is to Social Networking sites.

In addition, mobile specific social networks engage users more than online social networks.

Ground Truth data is from a census of 3.05 million U.S. mobile phone users, and is reported weekly. Ground Truth works in partnership with operators to collect and analyze data while protecting the privacy of mobile subscribers. The service allows operators to optimize their networks, understand their audiences.

ground-truth-logo.pngEvan Neufeld, vice president of marketing at Ground Truth said, “The disparity of time spent between social networking and the next category, portals, which account for 59.83 and13.65 percent of time spent respectively, is a vivid illustration of the impact social networking has on Mobile Internet traffic in a given week.”


The report also showed that users of mobile specific social networking sites are more engaged than users of online social networks.

“Each MocoSpace user spent in excess of an hour more on the site than did the average Facebook visitor during the week,” observed Neufeld. “This data points to the fact that there is a whole universe of media properties advertisers need to consider that have to date been largely ignored.”


To read the full Press Release please click HERE

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