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InMobi Launches Self-Learning Ad Serving Tool

inmobi_small.gifInMobi has announced the launch of its new AdROIt technology.

The purpose of AdROIT is to give advertisers the option of running automated, cost per acquisition tracking to improve ROI on their advertising campaigns.

The new technology works by allowing advertisers the chance to track key campaign objectives, on a CPA basis and then link this performance to various influencing factors such as creative, publisher and consumer targeting details.

This is then combined with real-time reporting and automated performance feedback in order to create a self-learning network that improves performance for advertisers.

Sridhar Ranagathan, VP of Product Management at InMobi commented, “We know that many advertisers track their campaigns using internal CPA tools already. The difference with AdROIt, lies in our ability to incorporate feedback in real-time and automatically adjust the campaign performance accordingly.”


Craig A. Owensby, Chairman and CEO of PT Code Jawa said, “Code Jawa has been using InMobi’s new AdROIt technology for the last two months, and we can say, without question, that the impact has been huge. In the past, we would need to make educated guesses as to which ads led to the needed conversion rates – now we know. In my opinion, InMobi’s AdROIt technology is a game changer in the mobile ad industry.”

To learn more please click HERE.

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