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Mobile Video Becomes A Reality

mobile_video460.jpgMobile Video, a long anticipated form of mobile communication, has finally arrived.

According to data released by Bytemobile mobile video became the dominant form of mobile data traffic during 2010 with more than 40% of total volume in wireless networks.

These results were obtained by analysing data trends across the wireless networks of Bytemobile’s customers (125 operators in 60 countries, including 8 of the world’s top 10 mobile network operators).

Bytemobile also suggested that mobile video will continue to grow due to the rise of full length videos, live streaming of content and the emergence of two way video conversations.

Specifically, the report predictes that:

  • In 2011, mobile video will account for more than 60% of network traffic up from 40% in 2010
  • Video communications will dominate, which will result in just 10% of consumers using 90% of the total network traffic

This growth in mobile data consumption is expected to strain the mobile networks, although Adrian Hall, chief operating officer of Bytemobile said, “we are confident that we can help operators grow in line with the increased demand for capacity on their networks.”


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