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A New Way To Optimize Your Mobile Campaign

humandialogue.gifMany people believe that messaging based marketing will continue to be one of the major mobile marketing channels for quite some time.

Human Dialogue is a new company that optimises advertising and marketing messages to complement the way that real people make decisions by using a combination of choice architecture, research panel testing and industry expertise.

Here’s how it works:

  • Human Dialogue (HD) requires a short campaign brief (consisting of objectives and considerations) or a piece of planned copy. This is passed through a message optimisation framework and an optimum message is returned.
  • The message optimisation framework identifies the best way to construct the message, based on the way that the target audience makes decisions, and then double-checks output with our research panel.
  • Three versions of any message are created, and the version that resonates the most with the panel is the message delivered back.

HD specialise in mobile marketing and mobile advertising but can also optimise any other type of commercial communication such as:

· increase opt-in to services and databases
· grow campaign response rates
· improve consumer involvement in promotions
· drive engagement rates for marketing messages


Rory Sutherland, President of the IPA and Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK, said, “It’s tempting with Mobile Marketing to replicate the traditional broadcast measures of reach and frequency – however that seems to miss the comparative advantage mobile enjoys in offering contextual communication in combination with immediate interaction. Real-time nudges and Choice Architecture can have extraordinary effects – as I’m sure we’ll see with Human Dialogue.”

For more information, visit the Human Dialogue website.

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