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1800% Increase In Barcode Usage: NeoMedia

barcode-neomedia.png2D mobile barcode specialist NeoMedia Technologies has announced an 1800% year-on-year growth for their 2D barcode management platform.

Growth of this magnitude may be a sign that mobile barcodes are finally gaining more traction with brands, marketers, agencies and consumers.

While 2D codes have been around for a while without ever reaching mass adoption, this news suggests that the market might be maturing and consumers starting to understand the benefits that they can receive from these codes.

However, in an interview with Mobile Entertainment, Laura Marriott, CEO of NeoMedia agreed there is still a long way to go: “I think we all know there’s serious work to be done. We need more education at the point of sale. Codes need a clear and consistent explanation of what they are and how you can read them every time they’re printed. We also need to get scanners on more devices.”

Marriott indicated that currently much of the usage is coming from big brands, while the challenge is to get smaller brands and enterprises to start using 2D codes.

In terms of the future, she said that NeoMedia is working to improve 2D codes so that they can, for example, link better to social networks. And in the end, their long term goal is to “make 2D codes replace the URL.”

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