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InMobi Launches Global Mobile Payments Solution

inmobi-logo.pngGlobal mobile advertising network InMobi has moved into the world of Mobile Commerce, with the announcement of their SmartPlay mobile payment solution.

SmartPay is intended to help mobile app developers and content providers to expand their business and monetize their users across multiple international markets.

Piyush Shah, Vice President of InMobi SmartPay, explained the reason behind this service. “Expanding to new markets is an extremely complex process today, especially for small developer teams sitting in a single geography. InMobi SmartPay™ exists to simplify the process through a single point of integration and management of all tax, legal, and customer support issues leveraging our in-market expertise.”

Initially, the SmartPay solution will offer direct to carrier billing as a payment method. However, InMobi has plans to expand by the end of the year to include other forms of mobile payments including Credit Cards, PayPal and local mobile wallets.

Some of the key advantages offered by SmartPay include:

  • Analytics tools that offer transaction performance insights that help clients maximize conversion in every country
  • One time, one place integration for easy monetization
  • Integration with the InMobi ad network providing post click performance optimization from ad impression to purchase

The service is currently available to over a billion consumers in the US, UK, Germany, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Malaysia and will be available in a further 23 by the end of the year.

“Our mission is to connect businesses and developers to consumers around the world with innovative, best of breed mobile technology and services. InMobi SmartPay will help us with that journey and our evolution as a company to be a key technology enabler within the global mobile ecosystem, especially for the developer community” Said Naveen Tewari, CEO of InMobi.

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