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Mobile Shopping More Popular Than Online Shopping

comoros_mobile-payment1.jpgA recent study of UK shoppers has found that consumers now prefer shopping via their mobile device rather than over the PC internet.

And the difference is very strong: for users aged 25 to 35, mobile is preferred 3 to 1 over regular online!

The study – conducted by mobile advertising network InMobi – was based on information from 2,500 mobile users. It found that less than half of consumers still prefer shopping on the high street (42%) but that nearly a third (30%) now preferred shopping on their mobile device rather than online (28%).

The degree of preference is varies greatly with age. Consumers over 45 still prefer online, but those younger than 45 have a strong preference for mobile.


Research shows that a sizeable 16 million UK consumers of the total 61 million population – about one in four – currently shop on their mobile phone. InMobi also found that revenues from mobile shopping doubled in 2010 to £275m from £123m, with they predict that this figure will skyrocket to around £1bn in 2011.

inmobi_mobileshopping2.gifThe study also investigated what sort of products are being purchased over mobile. Not surprisingly mobile content and games was the largest category, but several other categoreis including Travel, Apparel, and Electronics were very sizable as well.

James Lamberti, VP Global Research & Marketing at InMobi, commented, ”Mobile shopping is already commonplace with one in four Brits influenced by or purchasing goods from their mobile devices. The clear consumer acceptance has opened huge opportunities in the world of mobile advertising.”

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