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73% Of iPad Users Prefer Branded Apps

ipad-gladiator.gifRecent research has documented a strong consumer preference for free, branded apps.

A study commissioned by the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA) has found that 73% of iPad users prefer to download free branded apps rather than pay for non-branded equivalents.

Not surprisingly, fully 68% preferred official apps without ads compared to only 30% who preferred ad-funded apps. This suggests a low tolerance for intrusive ads on tablet devices. However, this doesn’t mean that branded apps are not effetive: 81% of those questioned had searched for information on a brand after using their app, which underlines the fact that subtle, clever advertising is more crucial than ever on tablet devices.

In addition, 67% of the respondents wanted brands to deliver more engaging content in their apps, highlighting the importance of the quality of the content that brands associate themselves with.

apa-julia-hutchinson.gif“Technologically savvy consumers welcome contact with brands via apps,” said Julia Hutchison, chief operating officer of the APA.”Consumers who interact online are more likely to buy if the company offers additional branded content, which is extremely compelling for brands.”

The survey included 952 iPad owners in the UK, and also looked at how users spent time on their iPad:

  • 82% of them use their device several times a day
  • 80% of them spent between 50% and 100% of their time browsing apps
  • The most popular categories of apps were gaming (85%), social networks (69%) and entertainment (62%)

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