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Google’s “Call Metrics” Reports Effectiveness of Click-to-Call Campaigns

google_logo.gifGoogle recently announced that it was launching its Call Metrics service in the UK.

This service is a very clever way of providing additional analytics so that advertisers can measure the effectiveness of their ads that include phone numbers as a call to action.

The service works by assigning a unique forwarding phone number to each ad campaign which can then be used by consumers to either click-to-call or by manually dialing in after seeing the ad.

When consumers call the number they are then re-routed to the business while AdWords records the metrics of the call. The metrics recorded include cost, completed calls, phone-through-rate as well as more granular individual call records such as duration, status, area code etc.

The service provides advertisers with detailed metrics on phone calls that have been generated from their Google ads.

Here is a simple graphic of how the service works.


Amanda Rosenberg, Google’s Mobile Business Development Manager said, “When businesses receive phone calls they would love to be able to measure how the potential customer found their number, where they are calling from, how long the call lasted for and how much it cost to drive them to the telephone number. Now, they can with Google call metrics which provides detailed reporting on phone calls that come from their Google ads – whether those ads contain a hyperlinked click-to-call number or are manually dialed after being seen.”

The new service will be particularly powerful for advertisers who are currently using click-to-call functionality on mobile devices by giving them actual calls received information.

Launched in July in the US, to date the service has connected 12 million calls lasting on average 6 minutes.

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