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Coke Christmas Campaign Uses White Cans & Mobile To Generate Donations

coke_white_can.jpgFor quite some time, the Coca-Cola company has been supporting environmental causes, including contributions to World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) to help the group protect polar bears and their habitat.

This year, for their Christmas campaign, Coke has begun shipping Coke in an all-white can, and has been encouraging consumers to scan the can to make a contribution to the fund.

Since the mid 1990’s polar bears have often been featured in Coke’s advertising, so this campaign it is a natural fit.

Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, said in a press release, “We want to help the polar bear — a beloved Coca-Cola icon since 1922 — by helping conserve its Arctic habitat. That’s why we’re using one of our greatest assets — our flagship brand, Coca-Cola — to raise awareness for this important cause.”

But this time, Coke has partnered with shopping rewards app CheckPoints to facilitate consumer engagement through mobile technology.

Coke has for many, many years be shipped in bright red cans, so the new white Coke cans are quickly noticed by consumers. Using the CheckPoints app, shoppers are able to scan the can while they are in the store, which takes them directly to a dedicated web site that explains how Coke is soliciting donations to a fund that helps preserve the polar bear’s natural habitat.

coke_artichome_logo.gifThis new website,, has been developed by Coke to “raise awareness and funds to help create a safe haven for polar bears.”

Users of the CheckPoints app can make donations on the spot to the fund and also receive rewards points that can be put toward a range of products, from gift cards to iPads. Coca-Cola is initially donating $2 million to WWF and will match consumer donations through March 15 up to $1 million.

For Coke,they also have the benefit of consumers picking up their product in store. According to CheckPoints’ Director of Communications Dave Heinzinger, “People are just more likely to buy something if they have it in their hands and then if the brand can incentivize them”.


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