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Mobile Apps – Lessons Learned in 2011

istock_000018337527xsmall.jpg2011 was an eventful year, with big changes in the mobile industry, and 2012 promises to be even more exciting.

Mobile ad mediation provider inneractive have published an interesting end of year review on their blog looking into the lessons that they have learned in 2011 and how companies can maximize revenue from mobile apps in 2012.

The article, written by Hillel Fuld, Head of Marketing at inneractive, points towards 6 lessons that they learnt in 2012 and backs the information up with interesting info graphics.

The 6 lessons are:

  • Size Seriously Matters
  • It’s All About Engagement
  • Not so Black and White
  • Target Away
  • Ads are Like Real Estate
  • The World Ain’t So Small

We are going to highlight two of them but the rest are worth reading by clicking here.

The first key lesson is that the size of the screen is very important. In general, when comparing two devices on the same platform, the ad on the one with the bigger display will generate more clicks.

Mr Fuld says that: “2011 has taught us that the size of the display as well as the size of the ad itself, have a direct effect on the percentage of clicks it generates.”

The infogramme below gives actual statistics on the differences seen in click through rates.

The second key lesson is to plan how you are going to monetize your app right at the beginning and have a strategy in place as to how you will go about incorporating those ads into your app.

Mr Fuld commentst: “This strategy has to accomplish or more precisely balance two opposing goals. On the one hand, the primary goal is to get the user to engage with the ad, or in other words, click it. The flip side is that you do not want to annoy the user.”

You can read the other lessons learnt by clicking here.


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