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Coca-Cola adds Mobile to “My Coke Music” Campaign

coke-can.gifCoca-Cola has added a mobile advertising component onto its on-going “My Coke Music” campaign running in the Austrian market, teaming up with Out There Media to implement the project.

Coca-Cola’s My Coke Music campaign gave customers a chance to win tickets to a music festival by sending in a special code using SMS. Publicity for the campaign was originally running on the internet and in-store, but Coke wanted to expand and use the mobile channel as another way to reach their prospective customers.

Out There Mobile put together a mobile campaign for Coke that achieved this objective. Animated banner ads and text link ads were place on the Music homepage and the Games homepage of the Vodafone Live! content portal.

Music Page Games Page

According to Alexandra Deutsch, Managing Director of Out There Media, Vodafone Live! in Austria wants to keep their portal homepage ad-free, so the best placement was the Games homepage. And since the campaign is all about music, they also went onto the Music homepage.

Coke already had a WAP portal for the Austrian market, so it made sense for the mobile advertising campaign to link into the existing site. The campaign works as follows.

When a customer clicks on a Coke ad on the Vodafone Live! deck, they are taken to a specially built landing page. On this page, they are asked if they have the special code.

• If the customer already has a special code, they are taken directly to the existing WAP page that lets them enter the code (see the entry page below).

• If they don’t have a code number to enter, the system sends them a WAP push message, then returns them to where they were in the Vodafone Live! deck. Later on, after they have obtained a code number (from a Coke bottle cap for example), they can use the WAP push message to return directly to the place in the Coke WAP site where they can enter the code number.


Deutsch concluded by saying: “Mobile advertising is a great tool for efficient advertising. To make it work successfully, Out There Media recommends more than simple banners: an integrated solution using all possibilities of the mobile phone – including sms, click to call, attractive landing pages etc. – is a critical success factor. This is what we have done for coca-cola with the MyCokeMusic promotion in Austria. ”

Read the full press release HERE.


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