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Pick Up Shopping Coupons at the Phone Booth

phonebooth-3.gifThe Department “Geo-Informatik” at the University of Muenster in Germany has installed a coupon system on the public phone booths in Muenster downtown. Depending on the time of day, the location, and the current weather, dynamic coupons are displayed that can be redeemed in the surrounding stores.

phonebooth-tall.gifFor test purposes 20 phone booths of German Telekom have been equipped with a screen to display these coupons. The customer takes a photo of the screen with their mobile phone camera. He then proceeds to the appropriate store and uses the coupon by showing the photo on his mobile phone. Examples of coupons might be for free test products or a free cup of coffee.

Initially the coupons will be at random, but over time as people use the feature more and more the advertisements will be tailored to the users’ preferences. Users can also download routing information for free that will show them the way from the phone booth to the local store.

The system is tailored for the small shops in the area that cannot afford to invest in major advertisement campaigns. With this system they can target their specific customer group locally. The project is called “MobiDic” (Mobile Digital Couponing). More information can be found here (German only)

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