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Motorola’s “Say Goodbye” Campaign at Hong Kong Airport

motorola_bye_daddy.gifWhen Hong Kong International Airport opened a new wing, they wanted to do something special to highlight the interactive screens in the terminal. So they launched a competition among Hong Kong agencies, with the prize being the use of the screens for the initial two month period.

The winning entry was the “Say Goodbye” campaign, put together by Ogilvy and The Hyperfactory for client Motorola. Travelers were able to “Say Goodbye” with the help of David Beckham and Jay Chow, and their loved ones were able to truly connect with Motorola in an intimate (small screen), yet HUGE (massive digital screens) way, putting a smile on faces as a start to their journeys!

The aim of the campaign was to:

motorola_jay_chow.gifa) Secure this high frequency traffic digital site at ZERO cost (through winning the competition) Rate card cost for this digital display was approximately $1 Million.

b) Enable Motorola to showcase its new RAZR in an interactive, fun, engaging manner with the phone at the center of the dialogue. Consumers interacted with the digital display using their phones (SMS, MMS, Mobile Video & Bluetooth) providing all options to consumers so no one was left out and everyone had the best possible experience.

motorola_beckhm.gifc) Give the audience a real “first” with David Beckham & Jay Chow “Saying Goodbye” to their loved ones. Content NOT for contents sake – but relevant, compelling and exclusive content!

d) Cut through the clutter of the opening of the new HKIA Wing showcasing Motorola as innovative, cutting edge, not bleeding edge (positive experience for all no matter what type of phone & features they might have).

How it worked:
From a consumer’s viewpoint, there were a couple of options. First, they could take a picture of themselves with their phone, add message to it, send it to a special number and their image would be displayed on the large display screens in the departure halls.

Take a picture on a phone…

And it shows up on the big screen!

Basically, this allowed people to “say goodbye” to someone after they had already entered the security zone of the airport, while they were waiting for a plane.

The second kind of interaction involved two of the most popular stars in Hong Kong. Football star David Beckham and pop-star Jay Chow each recorded a number of good bye video messages. These were then beamed out to people using blue tooth as they entered the terminal. The goodbye messages were then sent and forwarded all over the world.

David Beckham’s Goodbye Message
at Hong Kong International Airport


motorola_quote1.gifThousands of people sent their own goodbye picture messages to appear on the big screens, and tens of thousands sent the celebrity goodbye messages all over the world.

The overall campaign created a huge amount of buzz in the regional press and word of mouth, and saw people going all the way to the airport just to say goodbye! Great publicity was generated not only for Motorola, but also for the Hong Kong airport, who now has a waiting list of clients eager to get their brands from the screen into the hands of their audience.

As one of the focus group members put it….”Advertising? Nope! It was just a really cool way of saying goodbye!!”

Read an in-depth interview with Derek Handley, co-founder and CEO of the Hyperfactory.


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