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Mobile Spam Crackdown in China

china_mobile.gifChina mobile has taken swift action against a company that sent mass mobile spam over its network. It has become the first mobile operator to close the message service ports that were used. Over 200 million mobile phone users were sent random ads.

Seven companies were targeted, with one of the main culprits being Focus Media Wireless, who until now had only sent highly targeted ads to their database. But last week this changed when they started sending irrelevant and random ads.

chinese_spam.gifFocus Media chairman Jiang Nanchun apologized saying that “he was sorry for not fulfilling supervisory and control duties, and demanded its subsidiary company Focus Media Wireless to stop its advertising message services immediately.”

Jiang pledged that the company would first gain approval from users to make sure the services are provided to the clients who ordered them. He said he is also firm on shutting down subsidiary companies if they do not establish an effective management mechanism.

Mobile spam is a big problem in China as there are no laws stopping this practise. Text message spam is a common occurrence, with some of it even coming from local government officials.

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