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Jaguar Uses Mobile To Launch New XF Sedan

jaguar2.gifWhen car manufacturer Jaguar launched their new XF luxury sedan in the US market, they decided to do it with a major mobile advertising campaign.
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As part of their launch of the new luxury XF sedan, Jaguar wanted to communicate the vehicle’s break through styling and unique features to a target audience that was male, 35 to 54 years old, and with a high level of household income. Mobile proved to be a great way to do this.

Driving Traffic
The campaign used mobile banner ads to bring traffic to a specially designed mobile website. jag_blackberry.gifThe banners ran on mobile internet sites,, Yahoo Mobile and were also placed through the admob ad network.

The campaign launched in November 2007, and through end of June 2008 had delivered over 30 million ad impressions across the mobile internet. This brought over 140,000 unique visitors to the Jaguar XF mobile site.

Mobile Site

The mobile site provided a range of material about the new Jaguar, as well as several ways for consumers to engage with the company. Global Beach, Jaguar’s world-wide digital agency, designed the WAPsite for the US market, partnering with mobile specialist Incentivated for the build.

Because the XF is a luxury product, the quality of the images was of special importance. Handset detection software was used, and the images were rendered specifically for each consumer’s handset model. A dedicated iPhone mobile site was also built to insure a quality experience on that device.


Mobile Site: Homepage

There are sections on the Design of the car, the Innovations in the car, and the Performance of the car.


Mobile Site: Design


Mobile Site: Performance

Each of these sections also let the user download and watch a specially made video clip. Here is the “Performance” video clip:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="212" height="175" wmode="transparent" /]

And here is the “Design” video clip:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="212" height="175" wmode="transparent" /]

There were several ways for consumers to further interact with Jaguar through the mobile site.

  • visitors could input their ZIP code in order to locate their nearest dealer and book a test drive,
  • visitors could order a brochure.
  • Visitors could alternatively submit their email address in order to request a branded email newsletter
  • Finally, there was a selection of wallpapers that consumers could download to their handsets


Mobile Site: Find a Dealer or Request a Brochure


Mobile Site: The Wallpaper Gallery


Overall the campaign was a big success for Jaguar, and they have made available quite a number of statistics about the campaign.

  • 12,000 videos downloaded
  • 18,000 wallpapers downloaded
  • For users who visited beyond the home-page, the average dwell time was 2 minutes
  • 1.2% of users requested an email brochure by entering their email address into the WAPsite
  • 2.6% located their nearest dealer to arrange a test drive.

Rome Murphy, Interactive Marketing Manager at Jaguar North America said: “Jaguar is proud to translate our positive digital experiences with mobile marketing, and to deliver an engaging and rich brand experience for our technologically advanced customer base. We are particularly impressed with the user experience across a broad range of handset types.”

Robert Thurner, Commercial Director at Incentivated adds: “We applaud Jaguar for running a campaign which harnesses the mobile medium’s unique strengths in combining exceptional rich content with a response mechanic and location based services. Yielding a healthy ROI, the campaign demonstrates the exceptional value mobile marketing can deliver”.

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